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Canapés Starters Main Courses Desserts Canapes desserts

A selection of canapes

Rack of Lamb with a Mint and Crushed Pomegranate Rub
Slow Roasted Vine Tomatoes with Pan Fried Spinach
Lemon Grass Roasted New Potatoes

Baby Lamb Chops in a Brioche Crust
set on a bed of Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables
set on a Red Onion Mash, with a Claret Jus

Baby Lamb Chops with Fresh Garden Herbs
Pan Fried Spinach and Roasted Butternut Squash
set on a Red Onion Mash with a Claret Jus

Dijon Rack of Lamb
served with Dauphinoise Potatoes & a Red Onion Marmalade
Selection of Vegetables
with a Red Wine Jus

Baby Lamb Chops in a Soy and Honey Mustard Marinade
Pan Fried Bok Choy and Baby Corn
Crushed and Roasted New Potatoes with Rock Salt and Rosemary
Honey Mustard Reduction

Aged Rib of Beef served on a Steak Board
Roasted Sweet Potato, Pan Fried Spinach
Fondant Potatoes

Aged Rib of Beef served with a Ponzu Sauce
Wild Girolles, Roasted Red Cabbage with a Red Onion Mash

Aged Rib of Beef served on a Steak Board
Confit of Red Onion, Caramelised Parsnips
Homemade Fat Chips, Béarnaise Sauce

Duo of Chicken
with Fresh Mint Peas, Leeks, Sugar Snaps & Haricots Verts
on a Bed of Crushed and Roasted Potatoes with a White Wine Jus

Japanese Chicken
with a Soy and Sake Marinade
Lemongrass Potatoes
Samphire and Green Beans

Soy and Honey Chicken
with Pan Fried Bok Choy, Baby Corn & Sugar Snaps
served with Dauphanoise Potatoes & a Red Onion Marmalade
White Wine Jus

Herb Crusted Chicken
set on a Bed of Chargrilled Vegetables
set on a Red Onion Mash, with a Thyme & Rosemary Jus

Corn Fed Boned Thigh and Leg of Chicken
with Cracked Black Peppered New Potatoes
Roasted with Rock Salt & Rosemary
Sugar Snaps & Petit Pois with Fresh Mint

Seared Breast of Chicken
with Preserved Sicilian Lemons
Baby Crusted infused Lemon Grass Potatoes
Preserved Lemon and Wild Cepe Sauce

Seared Breast of Chicken
stuffed with Mediterranean Vegetables
crushed Garlic & Olive Oil Roasted Potatoes

Slow Roasted Shank of Lamb
sat on a Bed of Wilted Spinach & Roasted Plum Tomatoes drizzled with an Olive, Rosemary & Red Wine Vinegar Dressing

Boned Spring Baby Chicken
stuffed with Apricots & Pine Kernels,
sautéed Potatoes with Red Onions

Chicken en Croute
layers of Poached Chicken & Wild Mushrooms encased in Filo Pastry
served with sautéed Potatoes

Roast Rib of Scottish Beef - Carved in the Room(s)
served with Yorkshire Pudding, Chateau Potatoes & a rich Red Wine Jus

Blackened Cod with a Miso Dressing(s)
Black Forbidden Rice, Wilted Bok Choy, Grilled Baby Corn and Lotus Root

Roasted Fillet of Cod with a Pomegranate Rub
Pea Puree Mash
Satsuma and Fennel Salad

Hemp Crusted Salmon
Arrocina Beans and Pádron Peppers

Pan Fried Sea Bass
with Steamed Spinach & Home Made Mash
Preserved Lemon and Wild Cepe Sauce

Seared Fillet Of Red Mullet With Tapenade
Herb-Crushed New Potatoes and Brunoise Of Ratatouille

Oven Baked Hake with a Herb Sauce
Mushrooms, Garlic, Parsley and Oven Dried Tomatoes

Pan Fried Red Mullet
Rustic New Potatoes
Garden Peas and Broad Beans


Baked Aubergine and Sweet Potato
with Black Forbidden Rice, Quinoa
Roasted Beetroot, Butternut Squash

Polenta Steaks
with Heirloom Tomato-Corn Salad

Jerusalem Artichoke and Shallot Tarte
With a Artichoke and Red Onion Sauce

Pea, Broad Bean and Asparagus Risotto
with Truffle Oil

Tomato Tatin
With Mustard Seed, Sauce Hollandaise
Selection of Chargrilled Vegetables